Mission - About Us

US-EF was founded in 1995 by the employees of Eurofound Dublin* as a branch of Union Syndicale Fédérale, one of the largest trade unions operating in the EU public service context. US-EF aims to serve the economic, social, professional and moral interests of its members and of the whole staff, and to defend the independence, permanent nature and competence of the European Public Service. USEF is consulted by, and can conclude agreements with, the management.

* a research agency of the European Commission with a total staff of circa 110

The Executive Committee elected in October 2014 consists of Barbara Schmidt, Chantal Botos, Andrea Fromm, Sarah Hayes and Jean-Marie Jungblut. Their term of office is for two years.

Joint Working Group

Daphne Ahrendt and Jorge Cabrita currently represent US-EF at this internal working group. Management and Staff Committee also nominate two members each. The JWG members are delegated to discuss in depth any staff policy changes arising from the quarterly joint meetings between the Directorate, the Staff Committee and US-EF.


Eurofound staff may seek admission to the Union. The annual subscription is related to income brackets. Members have the right to contribute to determining the Union’s policies by taking part in meetings and elections.


Contact the US-EF via the contact form here.